Maria Cruz

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She will be forever remembered for her appearance on the march 27,1973 Academy Award broadcast to refuse the “best actor” award for actor Marlon Brando due to his protest of Hollywood’s “treatment” of Native Americans. Poor “Sacheen” was virtually booed off the stage and later achieved even greater notoriety when it was wrongly announced by Roger Ebert that “Sacheen” was actually a Mexican actress and not Native American.

Where are they now?

Maria Cruz was actually Native American and Caucasian and had played a few minor roles in Hollywood while making her prescence known as a Native American activist. She remains very active in her causes for Native Americans.


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7 responses to “Maria Cruz”

  1. Uschie says:

    If Rozalilu is going to try to degrade Littlefeather, she definitely needs to learn how to spell better.

  2. rozalilu says:

    BTW…all the enforcement agencies passed it on as a civil matter. We all tried. It went nowhere, and it was noted that she was just old anyway. Contacting the Indian activist organization did nothing. Sasheen is considered a Saint. They never responded. And in fact contacting law enforcement, lawyers, mediation, APS all said the same thing. It’s a Civil matter. Except for a Judge who stated that she had no right to deny contact. However, that was ignored by not answering the door. Domestic abuse was also considered “Civil”. until the Simpson trial. Public outrage brought justice. Remember when everyone said “what a great guy ” he was. Behind closed doors is another matter, and if your not there it’s too easy to pass a quick judgement without all the facts. And this happens more in this country than we know. I pray for our elders who are caught in the cross fire. All of us have a life, jobs, and are activist for elders. Maybe that same question of having a paying job should be asked for the person in question.

  3. rozalilu says:

    welfare checks is a term used by law enforcement for “checking on someone’s welfare.” Not money. Slander is one thing the truth is another. Unless you witnessed the reality of court proceedings, and those of us who tried to make peace as a family you only saw one side. The one that was delivered to you. Pictures and tape recordings of mother screaming for justice is sadly not available for the public. There is nothing worst than watching the spiritual death of another human being by one who portrays peace. I prayed that elders are not isolated, or abuse. And those of who you pray for the slanderous person, and praise the wonderful neighbor next door….. Never knew the full truth. Sad. There’s a lot of people who witnessed this mess.

  4. vets74 says:

    Filing complaints against individuals who support minority rights ??? That’s standing operating procedure for right wingers.

    There is no such thing as a welfare check having a notation for elder abuse. This story is a flat lie.

    Slandering Sacheen is typical. These creeps need to find lives for themselves. And paying, productive jobs.

    Btw: if there was a real conviction or other official finding of elder abuse then you would see a copy posted online and the URL would be here. No URL, no document.

    Try Google. Try telephone to Indian activist organizations in the area. There’s no such document.

  5. Sharon A. Fox says:

    I was my mother’s caregiver for over 15 years. Sacheen was my neighbor and I was very inspired by her loving devotion to her mother. Sadly in today’s society less and less people are stepping up to care for their elders. Sacheen Littlefeather stepped up and honored her mother and her whole family when she took it upon herself to put her own personal needs aside to care for her mother. It is sad that other family members chose to make Sacheen the target of unfounded accusations instead of being grateful and giving her some assistance. The accusers are the ones who miss out…they will never know the joy of being of service. I will pray for them.

  6. Morning Sun says:

    Too many people have been saddened by your horrific lies, and personal attacks on such a wonderful woman. It is you who needs prayer, and I ask that all that read your vicious comment to pray for you so that you may find peace in your life.

  7. rozalilu says:

    Sasheen Littlefeather aka Sasheen Rubio leaves in San Rafael. Unfortunately, she disgraced the American Indian tradition of respecting and honoring their elders in the last years of life. Ms. Littlefeather isolated her mother from famliy and friends, emotionally, psychologically abused her to an early grave. Initially, she bought a brand new Camry with added social security checks. A series of welfare checks by the SRPD,SRFD,”Refusal” to work with Marin Mediation, and lawyers has brought her new status. The last welfare check dated July 2008 states elder abuse by isolation and is public record. Ms.Rubio attends church, leads as head woman indian dancer at Pow-Wows, and lives a double life as an abusive person to society. Her next “Oscar” will be for smpathy. Elder Abuse must stop in this country, and people of her nature who pose as saints must be exposed. Another Jim Jones. I’m the family member who watched in disbelived that a person could be so cruel. “Let the truth be releaved to the American Indian Elders.” Pray for our Elders.

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