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Another 80s Gender bender. In his early years as a teenager, he became friends with Boy George and began experimenting with his sexuality and image.
He took his look from his idol Marilyn Monroe, adopting blonde hair and over-the-top makeup. He made his fame in 1983 with the chart topping hit Calling your Name, reaching number 4 on the UK charts, number 3 on the Australian charts, and number 1 in japan. Then going on to record an album called Despite straight lines.

Where are they now?

He retired from the music biz in 2001. Now appears in show over the UK and US. The 2002 Boy George penned stage musical, Taboo, features Marilyn and other stars of the 1980s


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  1. unknown says:

    Despite Straight Lines is re-issued in November 2008 by Cherry Pop records.
    Despite Straight lines is available fromt eh following retailers:,, Newbury and
    Marilyn has two current MySpace pages, one YouTube channel and a fansite
    He is still very much alive!

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