Martha and the Muffins

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“Echo Beach”, far away in time
“Echo Beach”, far away in time
“Echo Beach”, far away in time
“Echo Beach”, far away in time
…March, 1980, to be exact.

Where are they now?

Their career actually went beyond this one song. I seem to remember them having a song on one of the “Romancing the Stone” movie soundtracks (but the name eludes me).
Martha Ladly now runs the design department for Real World Records. Martha Johnson and Mark Gane formed M + M and had a hit “Black Stations White Stations”. They did some soundtrack work and a childrens album “Songs from the Treehouse”.

Tim Gane became a driver for the Canadian Automobile Association, Carl Finkle became an architect and swimming pool designer, and Andy Haas a security guard in an art museum.


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  1. DJ Wave says:

    Martha And The Muffins – Special Guest appearance on Retropolis to promote the recently reissued Danseparc.

    Martha and Mark will talk about upcoming releases, touring, Danseparc and History of the band. Stop by and say hello on the chat board.

    Monday, October 27th, 2008 – 8 PM EST on Flashback Alternatives
    check the forums at for repeats.

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