Mary Bell

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Mary Bell was convicted of killing 2 toddlers in her native home in England when she was just 11 years old in 1968. Found guilty of “manslaughter for diminished responsibility” and sentenced to “detention for life” Mary spent the next 12 years incarcerated in a reform school and later a women’s prison. All the while refusing to talk about her deeds as a young girl.

Where are they now?

Paroled at age 23 Mary attempted to lead a “normal” life despite being constantly hounded by the British and international tabloids.Living under an assumed name Mary eventually bore a child and claimed to have gained insight and remorse for her crimes. In 1998 Mary’s story Cries Unheard was published and unleashed a barrage of scandal against Mary and her family. By 2003 Mary was granted “lifelong anynomity” by the high British court in an effort to protect her and her daughter from further attacks by the press.


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  1. NA says:

    I was dating this lad and it was him

  2. Stop spreading shit says:

    No he won’t it doesn’t work like that you need evidence

  3. Worker with Lidl says:

    He was a policeman working in hospitality for frontline management
    In Liverpool and a hotel and Lidl I’m going to tell everyone where he is
    and he a policeman RT/JSM his name is calloghan now the other one was living in
    Warrington if I say he’s done somtging will he go back to jail can people help on this do you no

  4. Matty says:

    Does anybody using theses sites have any living details for Jon Paul Williams and or Jordon Scott Michael town city or area

  5. ??? says:

    Gustavo RE: Above comment.That person you refer to killed himself so THAT obviously cannot be him this Thompson now or was Scott Michael lived in wales and was found out moved to Lancashire (st Helens) which is not Merseyside Thompson or Scott Michael was working in a hotel in Cheshire when an incident happened not involving him directly. This hotel is called darsebury park hotel in Warrington also the very same place Venables or Jon Paul Williams was living at the time of his 2nd or 3rd arrest. This hotel won’t confirm what the incident was. This incident involving drugs with another resident not Thompson or Scott Michael directly but is involved somehow inpersonating a government official its reported on some sites is a live case in Warrington court under the powers of judge Brenda Night.

  6. Gustavo says:

    Sandra haliday, forget it, now way that’s Thompson. Found this tweet: and this image: – The second image from the left looks definitely more like him.

  7. Anon says:

    Thompson’s picture has been uploaded on twitter via an EDL website through an EDL member it has been reported on the net can anybody verify this. What should people search for?

  8. Emma for justice says:

    Robert Thompson aka Jordan Scott Michael was working at darsebury park hotel until the management was informed by police of his true identity after an incident at hotel not involving rt/JSM this hotel is located in Cheshire.

  9. Leave the poor woman alone says:

    Evil brat becomes evil woman just glad she’s in no shape to harm kids these days…..karma gotbher

  10. yoseliani says:

    Della Ville…..what name does she use on Facebook? Do you have a link to her profile?

  11. Maura Murray says:

    No, she is living in New York City, NY. No, wait, she is living in Walla Walla, Washington. No wait, she is living up your **** and around the corner.

    She paid her debt to society. Leave the poor woman alone.

  12. Della Ville says:

    I do not think she should have put herself on Facebook.That is blatant and hurtful to those who still suffer.

  13. Joanna Seaton says:

    Where is she now then?

  14. mary flora bell says:

    I believe she is living in East Retford Notts. It only needs a bit of research on ancestry to find this. She married Stephen G Brien and her name was Helen S Foster, probably surname from her school teacher. Then changed name again to Helen s Lacey aand then follow up from marriage and see where it leads. Stephen O Brien was mentioned as her husband in the 2002 court case so it can’t be such a secret.

  15. Aurora says:

    NA, true no child was born Evil. Mary Bell grew up in absolutely horrific environments with a terrible mother and an unknown father, but all children around the globe that grow up like this don’t come up with games that includes strangling little toddlers in abandoned buildings, in that case there would be way more child murderers in the world than any of us could imagine. The fact that she did it TWICE, not once proves that she actually knew what she was doing all along, her second victim was strangled on a hill by Mary, her friend Norma Bell (not related) was there, begging her to stop, telling her the boy would die if she didn’t stop but Mary would not stop. She carved in the first letter of her name, M, with a scissor to the little boys stomach. Something was clearly wrong with her.
    The mother to one of the little boys she murdered passed away some years ago, her daughter -the victims sister- who worked to prevent these kind of murders to happen- said that her mothers life had been shaded with deep sorrow and that she died dreaming to build sand castles in the skye with her son again, how unfair she thought it was that Mary Bell got to keep her child, got to see her grand child and earn 50 000 dollars by selling her story to an author, what the victims family got was only grief, not a penny nor to see their grandchildren. life is freakingunfair. The least Mary bell could have done was to give the money to the families whom she damaged for life. I do not pity her.

  16. John Thompson says:

    Try punta prima alicante Spain seen last week working in the comercial centre

  17. NA says:

    Any news on the james bulger killers jon venables AKA paul jon williams and robert thompson AKA jordan scott michael

  18. unknown says:

    Found Mary and daughter now live in Port Moody BC Canada near Vancouver on 121 Shoreline Circle. By law any convicted offernder residence must be known, my brother works for the police and gave me the scoop

    Mary looks very young for 54 yrs old

  19. concerned says:

    try 19 watson st swinton m27

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