Maureen McCormick

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Maureen McCormick played Marsha Brady in the television sitcom The Brady Bunch

Where are they now?

Married, has a daughter Natalie. Appeared in various films such as The Idolmaker, Skatetown USA and Texas Lightening, in which she also sang and wrote the movie’s theme song.

More active in music than acting, she recorded an album in 1995 entitled When You Get A Little Lonely and starred in the Broadway revival of Grease

2 responses to “Maureen McCormick”

  1. Kevin nyc says:

    Great job on that Brady Renovation. I had family parties while watching all episodes.

  2. StuntPop says:

    “[R]evealing new details about her depression, drug addiction, unwanted pregnancy and what can only be described as an exhaustive history of suitors in her new memoir, Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice.” due out tomorrow.

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