Men At Work

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The band from Australia who came out with great 80’s hits such as Down Under and Who Can It Be?.
Men at Work first came onto the scene when they started performing at pubs in Melbourne. In 1982, they hit the big time with their album Business As Usual which spent fifteen weeks in at number one. The album was recorded on a modest budget of only $17,000 and the band became one of the biggest music successes in the early 1980’s winning a grammy for “Best New Artist” in 1983.

Where are they now?

The lead singer Colin Hay and band member Greg Ham are still performing as The New Men at Work, while the other original members have since left the band.
The band had a messy break up in 1985 after the failure of their Two of Hearts album. “Musical differences, philosophical differences, personal differences — there were problems from Day One, we should have called it quits with Men at Work a lot earlier than we did. That way there wouldn’t have been all the ugliness, the ‘lawyers at 50 paces’ and all that.”, Hay was quoted as saying in the Chicago Tribune in 1987.

Hay continued to release albums in Australia during the 1990s; he also began an acting career. In 1993, Men At Work were inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association’s Hall of Fame.

In 1996, Hay and Ham decided to resurrect Men at Work with a South American tour and surprise shows in the U.S. In 1998, the recorded a live album Brazil in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 1999, they did a comeback tour of Australia, Japan, Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico and America. “Even when that was happening I thought, this is bloody ridiculous,” Hay said. “Because we were always a quirky wee band coming in from a very odd place.”


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3 responses to “Men At Work”

  1. DSp says:

    Ham was found dead on 19 April 2012 at his home in Carlton North, Melbourne, having suffered a fatal heart attack.

  2. chameleon1965@hotmail says:

    Suicide over a flute riff? Wow! Really? What a wuss!

  3. Jude Starr says:

    Greg Ham committed suicide in April 2012, after the band had lost a copy-write court case relating to the flute riff in the hit song “Down “Under”.

    Colin Hay continues to record and tour in Australia.

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