Michael Gray

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Played Billy Batson in Shazam!, the classic 70’s Saturday morning show.

Where are they now?

He now caters to the real stars in his flower shop in Beverly Hills. “I would never think of throwing a party without having his imaginative arrangements around the house,” says Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, Sharon.

8 responses to “Michael Gray”

  1. Roberto says:

    I too shopped at Macy’s in Monterey and bought some slacks from him. It’s been a few years since I seen him. Not sure if still works there.

  2. Miel Mani says:

    I heard that his flower shop closed in the mid-2000’s. Maybe he worked at Macy/s just to stay busy.

  3. John Fields says:

    Michael Gray did, indeed, work at Macy’s in Monterey. I bought a suit from him and we talked about the show. A really nice, humble guy. I don’t think he works
    there any more. I shop there all the time and haven’t seen him there in years.

  4. Gil says:

    @ azdi…Joanna Cameron (Isis) is living happily in Hawaii.

  5. azdi8888 says:

    Really, are you sure it was him? I mean it has been almost 40 years since we saw him in anything. I have been shocked that there hasn’t been more information on him with the advent of the internet. I use to love his show on Saturday mornings. I know it was cheesy now, but it was pure 70’s bliss on Saturday mornings! I have also wondered what became of the actress who played Isis?

  6. Karen Britell says:

    I don’t believe that!
    He’s too smart for that type of work!

  7. weht says:

    not anymore…works at Macy’s selling men’s underwear in Monterey CA…inherited his mothers house in Carmel CA

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