Michael St. Gerard

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First gaining notice in the low-budget teen flick Senior Week (1987) , Elvis look alike St. Gerard sky-rocketed to stardom as ’60s teen heartthrob Link Larkin in John Waters’s camp classic Hairspray (1988). St. Gerard portrayed the King of Rock four times: in the films Great Balls of Fire and Hearts of Dixie (both 1989), the 1990 miniseries Elvis, and on a 1994 episode of Quantam Leap. His last known acting appearance was an episode of Law & Order.

Where are they now?

After abandoning the industry in the mid 1990s, St. Gerard became a youth pastor at the Harlem Square Church in New York City where he currently holds that position.

8 responses to “Michael St. Gerard”

  1. Curt Farley says:

    have watched the Elvis Tv Series but it stops before it seems to finish. Why is this?

  2. Linda Pirie says:

    This is such uplifting and encouraging news!! I love to hear about people’s lives being transformed by God’s love and power! Praise be to our Lord and Saviour! I heard he is locally known as pastor Mike. God bless you Mike/Michael/Mr St Gerard (whatever name you feel most comfortable with. From a Scottish lass on the other side of the Atlantic (Edinburgh) with an American sister in law 😀

  3. Kaya says:

    I love him I think he is so cute

  4. Biblical Question says:

    I’d love to have a conversation with him concerning my relationship with Jesus and being an admirer and collector of E.P. Please reach me on FB. Ricky Cross, Suffolk, VA

  5. Sasha Marie says:

    My mom is single and is in love with Michael St. Gerard. Please pray for my mom. I pray that they get together. Amen.

  6. John says:

    He was a guest speaker today (8/3/2014) at our church, Light of the World Church in Stroudsburg PA. He is an amazingly anointed minister of the Gospel, praise God!

  7. Tim sheehan says:

    The above resided outside Newark , n.j. In the 1980’s. I now live in whiting, NJ @ 12 a constitution blvd., 08759. Appreciate you looking me up, pastor, as my health is failing

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