Mick Jones

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Mick Jones is a British guitar player and singer. He played lead guitar and sang for the punk band The Clash. He left The Clash in 1983 and fronted Big Audio Dynamite and Big Audio Dynamite II. Big Audio Dynamite were a ground-breaking band that brought together very different music styles. Their song E=MC2 is reportedly the first song to employ sampling.

Where are they now?

Big Audio Dynamite went through 4 different line-ups, disbanding sometime around 1998. Jones is now working with Tony James (from Generation X and Sigue Sigue Sputnik) on a project called Carbon/Silicon. The band has recorded 3 albums, and toured the UK. They encourage people to download and share their material.

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1 The Clash The Clash $22.99
2 Mick Jones Mick Jones $2.95

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