Miss Cleo

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Spokeswoman for the now-defunct Psychic Readers Network. Appeared as Miss Cleo in late-night TV infomercials, claiming to be a Jamaican born-and-raised shaman priestess and psychic. Her catchphrase, “Call me now for your free readin’!”, delivered in a Jamaican accent, became a pop-culture icon.

Where are they now?

As might be expected, everything about Miss Cleo turned out to be fake. Harris was actually born in Los Angeles to American parents, and never lived in Jamaica – nor was she a shaman priestess, or even psychic.

The Miss Cleo character was based on a Jamaican character called Cleo that Harris had performed in her Seattle play by the name of For Women Only. The play – as well as several others – were funded by a non-profit organisation, but Harris apparently kept the money for herself, only paying some of the cast and crew even partially. Harris – then going by the name Ree Perris – then left town, telling castmates she had bone cancer and would return to settle the debts later.

The calls weren’t free either, and investigations by CourtTV, news media, and several state Attorney Generals led to the entire company being shut down (although Harris wasn’t held personally responsible).

Harris continues to cash in on the fame of her Miss Cleo character. In 2003, the New York Daily News reported that TV music network Fuse had signed Harris as a spokeswoman. In early 2005, Harris was back on TV as Cleo in advertisements for a used car dealership in Florida, according to the Broward-Palm Beach New Times.

10 responses to “Miss Cleo”

  1. Name Name says:

    She died from cancer 7/26/16

  2. Blaze one says:

    I feel like as long as you don’t get to famous doin schemes. Dont nobody care.but when there’s an abundance of cash, everything comes into play. Race, background,etc.

  3. anglo saxion says:

    He who would try to change the color of the light at the end of the tunnel in near death experience,s from a white light . I suppose white people rigged that to!

  4. White lady says:

    Please..white or black…it’s fd up..thinking that Chleo got hated on … All these stupid people who think phone psychics are sposed to b real…geeeez please. Who cares so she got paid for entertaining people…I think she got a @ pretty bad deal.

  5. Trejn Wrecc says:…im late as hell….i just had the random idea of wondering what happened to this woman and came across all of this. And quite frankly im confused. The arguments going on between individuals in the coment section make no sense. “Oh she is a fraud for using a fake name”,”Oh shes not a bad person she is just a really good black female actor”….like seriously it seems like no1 is really paying attention to the situation and just want to be the right person with the right answer. Anyone with a brain can easily tell that both sides are right. I mean really….she is a L.A. con artist. For her to be so good at acting, ok, she is givin that. This does not take away from the fact that she stole from a lot of people. She wasnt an entertainer thats for **** sure. She used her gift to trick not to amuse…and the whole u.s.a. fell for it….blindly supporting her falsehood in hopes of a gateway to something other than reality. I mean hell she kept all the money just to promote herself more. I give her her just do credit though. It was a doozy of a scheme….and it worked. She is still being payed for her skills today (acting). Clearly one of the most under-acknoledged criminal masterminds of this time period. She was definitely a fraud…but she was excellent at what she did…act…only reason she actually got caught is because she was too big to hide her face anymore. The whole u.s. knew her at that point so evryone that she ever bamboozled and they knew it was bound to come out. And of course the feds. So it wasnt a race thing(im black btw) and its not about 1 or the other side. She is just a really good con artist that just so happens to be black and female..and came up in the late 70s early 80s time frame(maybe thats why we have folks thinking it was a race thing…anyone remember tupac? Rapper actor motivational speaker etc. Etc.) Ya

  6. Brittnie says:

    I love vivan’s comment…personally I don’t care either way

  7. DarkGable says:

    Buck the truth is the truth I watching the white woman from New York claiming that she has power to take to the dead and there was a what guy whom has a show also. Psychic Readings are entertainment. It’s in the fine print, Diane Warwick tried her hand at it and they called her a fraud, Ms Cleo mastered and the media attacked her. Do you really believe the Long Island Medium who is making millions on her show and tours? No but if they are white do you think they are more believable? I am sure you do not have the understanding of a bigot

  8. Vivian EPPS says:

    Be as it may of all the negative saying about Miss Cleo, if she was of WHITE race, the underdogs folks with authority job positions would not try to de-throne her of going into her past to create foil-pay to de-throne her , their reason is because they could NOT bear the fact that she’s of BLACK RACE and MAKING TOO FAST A FAMOUS stage NAME and MAKING FAST AMOUNT OF MONEY OVER THE WHITES PSCHIC ORGANIATION AS AN INDIVIDUA AND EVEN OVER THE WHITE PSYCHIC INDIVIDUAS WHOM EXISTED LONG BEFORE CLEO BECAME NATIONALLY KNOWN and these white individual are to present, still haven’t made half the large sums $$$ that Miss Cleo have made in the short time she became public compared to their lengthy rounds

  9. Buck says:

    Vivian, you are no more than a bigot.

  10. Judge J.H. Denman says:

    Upon surfing this site a few seconds, I stumble on the above comment. I want to say, I’m Caucasian and I must say, I 100% agree to the commentary Vivian EPPS remark and to say that Miss Cleo is not a FRAUD as this website stated. A lot of entertainer folks has stage/false name to correlate with their fame and there’s a lot of white folks out there in the fame with stage names rather than using their birth name and mixing voice tone with their fame and movie character roles—so I hope Miss Cleo get back and do what her gift-of-gabe made her famous and continue making her fast top $$$.

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