Moon Martin

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Contrary to the confusion that arose upon his entry into the New Wave music scene Moon Martin is a singer and songwriter, and not the name of a band. Martin had a minor hit with the power pop song Rolenein 1979. However, he is perhaps most famous not for the hit he sang, but for the hit he didn’t sing. Martin wrote, as well as originally recorded, Bad Case of Loving You which was subsequently turned into an international hit and generational touchstone by Robert Palmer

Where are they now?

Music fans can be forgiven for putting stock in the occasion surfacing of rumors that Moon Martin had died. After releasting four albums between 1979 and 1982, no new Moon Martin album was released until 1995. Martin’s music has clearly evolved in his latest efforts while still retaining his rockabilly roots.

3 responses to “Moon Martin”

  1. Jon Steele says:

    Any idea where he is now? Been a huge fan since the 70’s. I was really happey to find Dreams on file and Lousiana jukebox.
    He’s totally underrated

  2. Jamie Sivertson says:

    He had a very original voice and catchy tunes. No Chance is a great tune. Also loved Rolene. Good stuff. He shouldve been bigger than he was. Pick up Escape from Domination. Great LP!

  3. Jarvis says:

    This is not true. Moon released “Dreams On File” on Fnac Records in France in 1992 and toured behind it in 1992 and 1993. I’ve played keyboards on all of Moon’s albums since 1980.

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