Nell Carter

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Nell is best known for her role as ‘Nel Harper’ on the sitcom ‘Gimme a Break!’

Within a couple of a years after ‘Gimme a Break!’, Carter pursued new TV series projects. In 1989, she shot a pilot for NBC entitled Morton’s By the Bay, which aired as a one-time special in May of that year.

Where are they now?

Carter had three children: daughter Tracy and two sons, Daniel and Joshua. She adopted both her sons as newborns over a four-month period. She attempted to adopt twice more but both adoptions fell through. In one case she brought home a child, Mary, but the birth parents demanded money before they would sign the adoption papers. In her final attempt, she allowed a young pregnant woman to move into her home with the plan that she would adopt the child, but the mother decided to keep her baby.

Having previously survived two brain aneurysms, Carter died at the age of 54 on January 23, 2003, from heart disease complicated by diabetes in her Beverly Hills home.


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