Nina Hagen

Nina Hagen

Real Name: Catharina Hagen
A.k.a: Nina Hagen
Submitted by: Bob Sacamano
Posted Date: 2007-11-16
Last Modified: 2020-01-13

Her real name is Catharina Hagen, she was born on March 11, 1955. She is a singer from Berlin, Germany. She was considered an opera prodigy by the time she was nine. She dropped out of school at 16 and joined a band.
After political confusion between east and west Germany she settled in Hamburg and was signed by a CBS-affiliated record label. She then travelled and was adopted by the thriving punk rock scene in London.

In the 80’s she released english records and became famous due to her amazing voice and wild looks.

What happened to: Nina Hagen

In 1981 she gave birth to a daughter Cosma Shiva Hagen (now a German actress). The late musician Ferdinand Karmelk was Cosma’s father.
In 1989 she had a son, Otis Chevallier-Hagen whose father is Frank Chevallier from France.

She has continued to work in Germany and release albums, she has just not had too much North American attention.

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Nina Hagen