O.J Simpson

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“The Juice”, football star, Heisman Trophy winner, went on to be an actor ie. Naked Gun series, and then in the most sensational episode of his life, offed his wife Nicole Brown and got away with it.

Where are they now?

A later civil case found him culpable to the tune of 33 million in a wrongful death suit. He later appealed the decision and lost. He has vowed never to pay the judgement. He moved to Florida in early 2000, where he lives with his teenage daughter Sydney. In early 2001 he was arrested on charges of burglary and assault stemming from a road rage incident for which he was eventually acquitted. Not months later though, he was under the gun again as Federal agents descended on his home with drug sniffing dogs in late 2001 as part of a drug probe. No indictment was issued against him for this one. But one was later in 2002, for supposedly endangering some marine life in a power boat, a Miami judge issued a bench warrant for him after he missed a court date for the incident. (Instead of paying the $65 fine for a ticket he got in a speed boat, he entered a “not guilty plea” and then went and missed the court date). In early 2003 a Texas based TV network inked a deal to make a 13 episode reality TV series about Simpson, without OJ’s involvement or consent, which is supposed to air over summer 2003 (haven’t seen it yet though) Update Nov. 16/2006 OJ to release book outlining how he “could” have committed the murders “if” he was the guy who did it. Hypothetically speaking like. Pundits call it his confession.


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7 responses to “O.J Simpson”

  1. John in Texas says:

    I wonder if he’s still searching for the “real” killer…(rolls eyes)

  2. Scott says:

    He gets off on a solid double homicide case, but goes to prison on a robbery conviction that was a stretch (a real stretch). But that’s Karama…how does it feel Orenthal?

  3. O.J. Simpson says:

    Would like to know what happened to O.J. Simpson, is he in jail,

  4. Ken says:

    There has never been a group like them, before or since. Totally instrumental and with enduring sounds that stuck forever and really radical during the day. Their sound was captivating and inspired me to become a musician. As an old time musician myself I can say that these guys were way ahead of the flock in their era and invented musical innovation that has yet to equaled and recognized.

  5. unknown says:

    OJ Simpson and co-defendant Clarence “C.J.” Stewart found guilty in charges of robbery and kidnapping by a Las Vegas jury.

    Sent directly jail, he faces 5 years to life.

  6. Juicer says:

    Jury selection has completed in new OJ trial, opening arguments to start on monday.

  7. via says:

    Apparently there has been an incident in Vegas involving OJ Simpson and a break-in into a room inside a casino which contained sports memorabilia.

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