Pam Dawber

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Pam Dawber played Mindy McConnell on the ABC TV show Mork and Mindy from 1978-1982.

Where are they now?

Dawber continued playing parts on T.V and movies until her most recent part in the movie I’ll Remember April 1999. Most recent TV appearance was in Intimate Portrait: Pam Dawber in 2002

She married actor Mark Harmon in 1987 and they have two sons together. She currently works as a producer and makes occasional TV appearances.

Update June 2006: Dawber and Williams reportedly “in talks” to bring Mork and Mindy to the big screen.

8 responses to “Pam Dawber”

  1. Tom George says:

    Pam Dawber is pure class !!!

  2. joyce appethulous says:

    Pam should be a regular on the Crazy Ones saw her on late night and she is still fab

  3. I think she should continue with the y ones just s says:

    I think she should be a permanent actress on the crazy ones just saw her on Craig Ferguson and she’s wonderful she work well with Robin she iscstill great.

  4. Rick Mengel says:

    I forgot to say she lived in Farmington at that time.

  5. Rick Mengel says:

    I used to go to her birthday partys with her cousin Norm C back in the 60’s. I wonder if she knows where he is now ?

  6. Rick says:

    Just read a story that she is guesting on Robin Williams’ show “The Crazy Ones”

  7. Anthony Valdez says:

    I so had a crush on her…and thought about here many times! I was just watching freaky friday with Mark Harmon n Jamie Lee Curtis and thought of her.

  8. weht says:

    This is a interview sometime in 2008 with Pam Dawber about a charity event Big Brother Big Sisters was having, as well as a few questions and answers about various topics.

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