Pamela Bordes nee Chaudhary

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Pamela Bordes shot to fame in 1980s when it was discovered that she had sexual relations with many of the MPs in the government. She was accused of getting unauthorized entry in to house of commons through Tory MPs David Shaw and Henry Bellingham. She was compared to the German spy Mata Hariwhen allegations were made in press of her dubious Libyan contacts. She was mistress of notorious arms dealer Adnan Khshoggi. She is of Indian origin.

Where are they now?

Pamela Bordes is now living a reformed life as a contemporary photographer. “When she is motivated, she simply packs her bag, picks up her camera and is off to some exotic place clicking away. When she wants to relax, she meditates and practices yoga.”

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  1. weht says:

    Mata Hari was Dutch not German

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