Pamelyn Ferdin

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Arguably one of the BUSIEST child actresses of the 1960s and 70s. Pretty, red-haired, nasal-voiced girl played literally dozens of roles in films, TV, and famous for her voice-over roles in Charlotte’s Web and as the original Lucy in the Peanuts cartoons.

Where are they now?

Worked for years as president of a Los Angeles animal rights agency. Became a registered nurse and married a physican. Returning to voice-over work in 2002 in the afternoon kids series Detention


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5 responses to “Pamelyn Ferdin”

  1. Jimi W. says:

    Pamelyn Ferdin appeared four different times on”Family Affair”–each time as a different character. In the episode “Mrs. Beasley, Where Are You?” (1966) she played a character named Melissa. In “Birds, Bees and Buffy” (1967), she played a character called Wendy. In “No Uncle Is an Island” (1969) she portrayed Jennifer, and finally she appeared in “The Joiners” (1971) as Shirley Dixon.

  2. Mimma says:

    Regarding Pamelyn Ferdin: what character did she play on the tv show Family Affair? (the birds, the bees, and Buffy episode)

  3. Mimma says:

    She also played someone on Family Affair. I’m not sure who though. Can you please help me out? (The Birds, the bees, and Buffy episode)

  4. Unindicted Co-Conspirator says:

    Pam Ferdin was first convicted of contempt of court for her demonstrating & giving out the home addresses of UCLA researchers using animals, then the conviction was thrown out when the judge said she didn’t know there was an injunction against her to prevent it.

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