Paul Williams

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Epitome of seventies-style celebrity, singer, songwriter, actor. Penned numerous hits including Evergreen for Barbara Streisand and scored and starred in Brian De Palma’s Phantom of the Paradise
Was a mainstay in television cameos of the day such as Love Boat and Fantasy Island.

Where are they now?

Problems with alcohol and drugs drove his proile much lower over the 80’s, finally getting clean and sober in 1989, Williams became a licensed drug rehabilitation counselor and got involved with Musician’s Assistance Programme, a non-profit organization by and for musicians helping them with their substance abuse issues.
He also starred as Truman Capote in the one-man show on Broadway Tru and released Back to Love Again his studio return in 1997.

He also secured a recurring role on daytime television’s The Bold and the Beautiful in 1998 and returned to songwriting.

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  1. Lola La Pard says:

    Why is there a boxing match on singer Paul Williams thing. Is it because the person who put it there didn’t notice that singer Williams is, well, white and that Williams the boxer isn’t?

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