Ralph Waite

Ralph Waite

Real Name: Ralph Waite
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Posted Date: 2013-08-08
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Ralph Waite became world famous with the Depression-era series ‘The Waltons’ for which he earned an Emmy nomination. Waite also directed several episodes of the series during the nine seasons.

What happened to:

Ffter the end of the show Waite acted for numerous other television productions, including ;Roots’ (1977), and ‘The Bodyguard’. Ralph Waite also worked as a director. Besides several episodes of The Waltons he also appeared in the movie ‘On the Nickel’, the story of two alcoholics in the margins of society. He wrote the screenplay, took the camera and directed.
Ralph Waite is seen in various TV productions, such as NCIS, Cold Case and Grey’s Anatomy. He also had political ambitions and ran three times without success as a Democrats for the U.S. Senate.Waite has married three times.. Since 1984 Ralph Waite is married to Linda East and resides in California



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Ralph Waite