Rat Scabies

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Along with Ray Burns (a.k.a Captian Sensible) he was co-founder and drummer of the UK punk powerhouse The Damned who had such hits as New Rose in ’76 and the perenial anthem Smash It Up.

Where are they now?

The Damned were on-again/off-again through out the late 70’s and early 80’s and Scabies often rejoined the line-up before permanently severing from the group in 1995 over a dispute with Sensible and other members over re-released materials.
Rat Scabies also drummed in a later incarnation of goth group Nosferatu and had a solo effort called Rat Scabie’s Runners

Most notably, Scabies has followed in his father’s footsteps to research the Holy Grail and the mystery of Rennes-le-Ch√Ęteau, and is the subject of the book Rat Scabies and the Holy Grail.

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  1. unknown says:

    Rat is on Tour with The Members in France…. he has also recorded some tracks on their new Sudio Album!

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