Richard Heene

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Richard Heene is the father of Falcon Heene, most commonly known as Balloon Boy. In 2009, the Heene family allowed a balloon filled with helium to float up into the atmosphere. Shockingly, they claimed that their 6 year old son Falcon was inside. The balloon landed after 1 hour of flight, but Falcon was nowhere to be found. After further investigation, the boy was found hiding in his family’s house and stated that he was doing this at his parent’s request. The whole incident turned out to be a publicity stunt, and the Heene parents both faced a short time in prison and were ordered to pay restitution.

Where are they now?

Today, Falcon and his two brothers have a band called the Heene Boyz, in which Falcon is the lead vocalist. They claim to be the youngest metal band. Richard Heene is also behind numerous inventions. The Bear Scratch attaches to a wall and allows an individual to scratch their back like a bear. YourShakeDown shakes lingering remains out from jars and bottles. HeeneDuty Truck Transformer transports heavy items into the back of trucks.


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3 responses to “Richard Heene”

  1. Shit Face says:

    Balloon Boy eats **** his Dad feeds him.
    Yum yum yum

  2. Observant says:

    For want of a couple of “i’s” this guys last name could far more closely suit his hair brain schemes. What kind of Goofy Golfer would think that Balloon gig would end well?

  3. Balloon Boy says:

    Son, go hide in the closet while I, your genius father, let a Helium filled balloon go and tell the authorities your on/in it.
    “What will I tell them when they find I’m not in it dad?”.
    Don’t bother me with details kid, I’ve got an itchy back. (I can’t stop laughing…..)

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