Richey Edwards

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Guitarist/Cover Designer/Main Songwriter for the Manic Street Preachers (1991-1995). The Holy Bible album is mainly written by Richey and it is sad, weird, and occasionally autobiographical.
He mutilated 4 Life on his arm in front of an interviewer.

Where are they now?

Sadly, on the eve of MSP’s first American tour, he checked out of the hotel he stayed in, went back to his apartment where he left his belongings (passport, suitcase, etc.) and disappeared without a trace.
Shortly after, his car was found left behind near a bridge, and it is presumed that he killed himself by jumping off the bridge.


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  1. ManicFan says:

    Please get your facts straight.

    He was legally declared “presumed dead” in 2008 because his family felt that it was time to take care of Richie’s business and assets, things he left behind when he disappeared – NOT BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE HE IS DEAD. Nicky Wire, Richie’s best friend and fellow Manic, confirmed that the public should not take this legal declaration as a sign that they now believe he is dead.

    Richie said many times during his life that he didn’t think of suicide and wasn’t suicidal. Richie’s sister, Rachel, says he was researching how to disappear completely in the months before he went missing, and he began withdrawing 1000 pounds per day from his bank account in the month before he disappeared. He was a very, very smart person; he knew the Severn Bridge, where his car was found, was a notorious suicide spot. He knew if he left is car there, most people would assume he’d jumped and that would be that.

    The point is, nobody really knows where he is. His family and best friends have reason to believe he did not commit suicide, but rather left of his own accord.

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