Rick Astley

The clean cut 80’s soul boy had his first great hit in July of 1987, Never gonna give you up. He was discovered at the age of 19 by the songwriter Pete Waterman in 1985.
He became a big star in the states in a very short time, and came out with other great hits like Together Forever, and When I Fall In Love

Where are they now?

His last hit was in 1991 called Cry for Help however since he had a fear for flying it stopped him from going abroad to do promotional work and from there on his career died out.
Rick Astley made approximately 20 million dollars when he was in the limelight. He now chooses to live away from all the stardom in Richmond, Surrey with his wife Lene, and his daughter Emilie. Rick Astley is now mid in his 30’s and has been intermittently working on a comeback


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7 responses to “Rick Astley”

  1. CAROL SUE LUCAS says:

    Rick really pulled at the heartstrings for many a lady. That voice back in the 80s was so sexy and oh so amazing. Well, I guess Rick’s voice has changed in that when he turned 50, it was nothing like the 80s. Just take a listen to his cd, 50;does anyone know how it sounds now?? CSL

  2. United States miss you says:

    We all miss you United States need to hear never gonna give you up

  3. susieQ says:

    essssss He has a voice that can sing to me anytime………….

    Come Back and Sing To Us……………

  4. mary gachet says:

    I so LOVE THIS MAN! OOOOOOH THAT VOICE!!!!!!!!!PLease come back Rick we need you!!

  5. Luella says:

    Fidnnig this post has answered my prayers

  6. Bananatwin says:

    After success in US, he continues to perform in a band where he first started in the UK. Google him for his official website for more updated information.

  7. RosaRosa says:

    Rick Astley is a popular British musician outside of the US. He was voted by Internet users as “Best Act Ever” at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2008.

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