Rodney King

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Rodney King made a big splash into the public consiousness in 1991 by being in the wrong place at the wrong time (and the wrong colour of skin) as he was brutally beaten by LA Police officers who were unwittingly being video taped the entire time. Before it was over a sensational media fracas dragged on for months and climaxed in an apocalyptic race riot that enveloped south central LA for days, killing 55 and injuring thousands.

Where are they now?

King was awarded 3.8 million in damages in a civil suit and in 1997 started a record label “called ‘Straight Alta-Pazz”. In 1998 that label released an album “Stranded”. In 1999 he was convicted of spouse abuse, sentenced to 90 days in jail and 4 years probation. In 2001 he was ordered to undergo a year of drug treatment after pleading guilty to 3 counts of being under the influence of PCP and indecent exposure. In April 2003 he was suspected to be under the influence when he crashed an SUV into a house, breaking his pelvis. October 2003: Rodney charged with punching his girlfriend.

8 responses to “Rodney King”

  1. Connie says:

    That was ridiculous that he actually got PAID for abusing the law. Rodney was the absolute cause of that whole mess.

  2. Tim says:

    He wasn”t wrong place wrong time like you say. He made the police chase him at over 100mph through LA. When they caught him, he go what he got.

  3. ray says:


  4. Earl says:

    Dumb knee-grow.

  5. i am so sorry of the rural beating that rodney kin says:

    I am so sorry of the rural beating that Rodney king had to take in his life

  6. MattW says:

    Well that is a wonderful, one-sided summary of Rodney King. He was a scum bag common criminal. Were the cops wrong? Yes. Was Rodney King wrong? Even more so.

  7. Jude Starr says:

    Rodney King passed away from accidental drowning in his home swimming pool, June 17, 2012.

  8. unknown says:

    Rodney King has been seen on VH1’s television show “Rehab…with Dr.Drew” It is unclear if he spent his entire lawsuit of over 3-million dollars, but the show portrays him as turning his life around and kicking the habit.

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