Rolanda Watts

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The Spelman College graduate began her long career as a talk show host on the Lifetime Network in 1987 with the short-lived show Attitudes.
The following year, she was a correspondent on Inside Edition until 1993, when King World Enterprises (which syndicated Oprah), offered Watts her own show.

Rolanda had a successful run from 1994 to 1997.

After her show was canceled, she appeared in a semi-regular role on Sister Sister and in guest parts on soap operas including The Bold and The Beautiful and Days of Our Lives.

2002 saw her hosting the PAX reality show Lie Detector (a precursor to Moment of Truth)

Where are they now?

Watts is currently the announcer for the syndicated courtroom show Judge Joe Brown and the game show Temptation.
She is also the voice of Professor Wiseman on the PBS kids show Curious George.

She returned to her role as Attorney Cameron Reese on Days of Our Lives in early 2008.

2 responses to “Rolanda Watts”

  1. Stickychicky says:

    She’s a drunk/drama queen who kept some woman’s cellphone hostage at a famous Hollywood Restaraunt cuz she thought the woman had taken a picture of her in the bathroom stall. Even after she saw there wasn’t a picture, she still continued to rant and rave and even called 911. Sad situation, she looked like a nutcase with her hair all wild and stuff. She needs rehab or a good babysitter.

  2. Janie Poo says:

    Wait a minute…She was a newscaster on NYC WABC Eyewitness news….remember!!!

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