Ronnie Biggs

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The Great Train Robber, or more accurately, one of the 16 guys who carried out The Great Train Robbery of 1963 in England. He distinguished himself from the rest by escaping from prison in 1965 and commenced a life on the run that lasted for the next 30+ years.

Where are they now?

He spent some time in Australia with his first wife. Contrary to the myth that evolved around him, he did not live lavishly off of the proceeds of the robbery. He arrived in Brazil in 1970 with $200 in his pocket and lived by selling t-shirts, receiving tourists (in a bizarre tangent he factored into Malcolm Maclaren’s schemes and did a few songs with the Sex Pistols after Johnny Rotten left the band.) In May 2001, he returned to England to face the music. It is widely reported that he did so to receive free medical care for his ailing health, something his son and supporters deny. Biggs unsuccessfully appealled his prison term and is currently serving out the remainder of his 28 year sentence. Jan. 7 2004: Biggs reportedly in hospital with a suspected heart attack. Update Aug 11/05: Biggs reported near death after contracting MRSA while incarcerated. Apparently he will be released to die at home.

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  1. Ray M says:

    Ronnie Biggs passed away 18 December 2013

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