Roy Buchanan

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Played with Dale Hawkins, erroneously credited with writing parts of Suzie-Q but did contribute to My Babe and Grandma’s House. Eventually released his own Loading Zone which contained Green Onions and Ramon’s Blues.

Where are they now?

He re-emerged in 1986 with When a Guitar Plays the Blues but his life turned tragic. Described as a “shy, recitent” person he attempted suicide on multiple occassions before being arrested for drunk driving in 1988, whereupon he finally succeeded, hanging himself in his jail cell.


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  1. Man, this guy could play... says:

    Where did Jeff Beck pick up many ideas? Roy’s Loading Zone. Listen to Judy off that Album. What a great talent Roy (French for King incidentally) was. He and Danny Gatton were terribly under rated. Zappa was right, most people wouldn’t know good music if the tripped over it, but listen to what they are told to, figuratively speaking.

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