Rudolph Valentino

Rudolph Valentino

Real Name: Rudolph Valentino
Category: Sex Symbols, Show Biz
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Posted Date: 2013-08-30
Last Modified: 2020-01-13

Rudolph Valentino, was known as, ‘The Latin Lover’ (he was actually Italian), ‘The Great Lover’, ‘The Sheik’, and ‘The Great Lover of the Silver Screen’. Valentino, danced, sang, and acted. The role that shot him to stardom was in, ‘The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’.

What happened to:

Valentino died young at only 33 which is partly why is remembered as an icon. He had appendicitis and gastric ulcers, which required an operation. As a result of the surgery, Valentino developed peritonitis which he died from. 100,000 people lined the streets of New York to pay respect to Valentino on the day of his funeral.



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Rudolph Valentino