Rula Lenska

Rula Lenska

Real Name: Rula Lenska
Category: Show Biz
Submitted by: Bob Sacamano
Posted Date: 2001-01-07
Last Modified: 2019-12-17

Rula Lenska did beauty commercials (can’t remember what product [webmaster: many readers have pointed out the product was Alberto VO5]), she came onto set in a Loretta Young-type swish, saying “I’m Rula Lenska, the famous actress from …(Romania, Czechoslovakia?) She almost attained cult-like status, because no one had ever heard of her before the commercial. Also, got to be the brunt of a joke, when people imitated her entrance on the set and greeting…..

What happened to:

The person who originally submitted this stated she was “Slinging burgers at a truck stop in Bakersfield, CA”. Subsequent feedback from readers suggests this is not the case. Most recently Brian Norber writes that he has traced her to London, UK where she is still working as an actress (actor?). Renata Ritchie reports a firsthand citing of her in Regent’s Park “looking glamorous as ever, turning heads and being very entertaining” (and clarifies that she is Polish, not Romanian). One reader tells us she “Married with British actor Dennis Waterman for many years . Does UK TV and Stage work” but a more recent update informs us that Lenska and Waterman have divorced. She has recently (2004-ish) appeared in a couple episodes of the UK soap The EastEnders


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Rula Lenska