Russell Johnson

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Johnson played Professor Roy Hinkle,y who despite being a brilliant inventor, couldn’t fix the hole in the boat responsible for keeping them stranded in the first place.

Where are they now?

Johnson had several roles after Gilligan’s Island especially on tv dramas. Once at a convention Johnson made an appearance to promote an up coming film but ended up only being asked Gilligan’s Island questions he responded with, "I was at a speaking engagement for MIT … and I said … the Professor has all sorts of degrees, including one from this very institution! And that’s why I can make a radio out of a coconut, and not fix a hole in a boat". He currently lives in Bainbridge Island in Washington. Johnson is one of three living Gilligan Island cast members.

2 responses to “Russell Johnson”

  1. Mickey says:

    Russel Johnson died of kidney failure on January 16, 2014, at 89.

  2. PsyberDave says:

    He’s dead.

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