Sarah Palin

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For a few moments there back in those carefree days of …september, it seemed she breathed new life into the Republican campaign, but it wasn’t long before she mortified pundits and cheerleaders with a succession of moronic utterances and ethical scandals. The run culminated with an appearance on Saturday Night Live, which albeit landed the highest ratings for the show in over a decade, seemed to tank the campaign. The GOP down by 10 points as we go to press.

Where are they now?

She may make it as far as forming an exploratory committee for the 2012 run, but this is about as far as she’s gonna get. They’re going to wish they brought Dan Quayle out of retirement after this one is over.


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  1. Mr Libertarian says:

    I have to laugh at the liberal women who rabidly hate her. They know she is everything they wish they could be, but know they never will be.

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