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“the warrior” is the song

Where are they now?

I never knew it was Patty Smyth that was vocalist for the band! I always thought she was a soloist from the start. Well i know what she is doing. BUT does anyone know what Guitarist Zack Smith(formed the band), bassist Ivan Elias, guitarist Keith Mack, keyboardist Benji King, and drummer Frankie La Rocka went on to do after they broke up because of Patty?
Aug 2004 update from Carol:
She lives in New York City and is married to John McEnroe.

They have six kids between them (2 from his previous marriage to Tatum, 2 from her previous relationship, 2 together).

She has written a couple of songs recently, most notably the theme song for John’s new talk show on CNN.


No Reference

5 responses to “Scandal”

  1. More Cowbelle says:

    The “before” band photo is NOT Scandal. Amateur and sloppy.

  2. Cellogirl says:

    Scandal keyboardist Benjy King died suddenly after a tragic accident in NYC on 9/20/2012. He was 58.

  3. Cellogirl says:

    Drummer Thommy Price left Scandal to record & perform with Billy Idol in 1984. He has been the drummer for Joan Jett & The Blackhearts since 1989.

  4. Cellogirl says:

    Frankie LaRocka worked in A&R department at Atlantic Records. He later became the VP of A&R at Sony Records. One of his first signings was the Spin Doctors.

    LaRocka died May 2005, due to complications from heart surgery.

  5. Cellogirl says:

    Ivan Elias died of cancer June 1995. He was 43.

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