Sean Gunn

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Sean Gunn starred as Kirk Gleason in the WB hit series Gilmore Girls from 2000-2007.

Where are they now?

Gunn has also guest starred in shows such as 3rd Rock from the Sun, Angel, Glee, and Bunheads. He also starred in the spoof porn series PG Porn with his two brothers. Most recently, he’s played a supporting role in the Fox series Bones.


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  1. Fuck Headz says:

    Fuggg my coggg

  2. Fuck Head says:

    **** off!

  3. mamiemono says:

    He is also in Guardians of the Galaxy 1& 2. (Writer/director James Gunn is his brother.) And he is set to reprise his role of Kirk in the 2016 Gilmore Girls reboot.

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