Amy Fisher

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The 16 year-old minor (dubbed by the press as The Long Island Lolita) who had an affair with Joey Buttafuco and then shot his wife in the head, receiving a 6 year prison term for her troubles.

Where are they now?

She claims she was raped by correctional officers in prison, filing a 220 million dollar lawsuit to that effect. She dropped the suit in 1999, she was released from prison that same year (probably just a coincidence 😉

As of 2003, she works as a columist for The Long Island Press, created a home based business selling arts and crafts and cares for her 3 year old son.
She married her longtime boyfriend and father of her son in 2003, whom she met online at
September 04: Amy releases autobiography If I Knew Then, appears on Oprah, and single-handedly crashes the server and causes the biggest, longest slowdown on ever (3 days and counting, sorry folks, please bear with)

update Feb /05 Amy Fisher gives birth to baby girl.

11 responses to “Amy Fisher”

  1. Pointer Antigone says:

    Not enough people are asking: what kind of grown man not only cheats on his wife, but has *** with an underage girl and gets her into prostitution?

  2. Amy knows talent when she sees it! says:

    Yuck said, “Why would Amy want to be with that gross old man?” She saw that gross old man part his hair with his tongue. This impressed Amy, and she had aspirations of her own hair being parted. In the privacy of two consenting adult’s own room? NUH! A hormone deranged nubile uploaded it for the viewing pleasure of 500,000,000 viewers after a murder or two. What a talent.

  3. Pointer YUCK! says:


  4. Mabel says:

    I am pretty certain that Amy Fisher was sexually abused from an early age and, as a teen, she thought that having *** with an older man like JB was normal.
    “People accept the reality presented to them.”

  5. YUCK! says:

    Why would a young teen girl want to be with that gross old man? He did something unforgettable!

  6. Pointer What!??? says:


  7. severina says:

    Sordid! this young Amy fisher was frighening..Ewww! You can see that she had mental issues,and shoud have stayed in a psychiatric hospital..She had the face of a killer..I will never understand how a young girl can sleep with a married man,maybe several married men,be very agressive and damage her car intentionally to see a man again and jump into his arms..And was she thinking about the consequences of her actions when she shot Mary Jo buttafuoco on her head?This girl was cold and sick. I had crushes on married men when i was 16 or 17 years old but i would never had killed their wife or thought about killing them..NEVER.. and i had many crushes but i didn’t sleep with them..And now this Amy is a celebrity. Crazy!!

  8. james says:

    Currently doing online caming in the mornings under same name

  9. Pointer John Smith says:

    It seems Ms. Fisher has become an internet model as of late.

  10. mook says:

    After a notorious incident where her husband filmed a staged sex tape in 2007 and sold it to Red Light District Productions (the same company that distributed Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian’s sex tapes), Fisher appeared at the infamous Admiral Theater strip club in Chicago in April 2008.

  11. weht says:

    In 2008 Amy Fisher released a home made sex tape.

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