Sexy Sadie

Sexy Sadie

Real Name: Susan Denise Atkins
A.k.a: Sexy Sadie
Category: Infamy
Submitted by: Bob Sacamano
Posted Date: 2004-02-29
Last Modified: 2019-12-18

One of Charlie Manson’s “girls” convicted for the infamous Tate-LaBianca murders of the summer of 1969. “Sexy Sadie” bragged of actually killing Sharon Tate to her cellmates and initially testified before the grand jury before recanting her testimony out of loyalty to Charlie! She and all of her co-defendents were found guily and sentenced to death in 1971. California law abolished the death penalty in 1972. Immediately commuting all death sentences to life imprisonment.

What happened to: Sexy Sadie

Susan renounced her devotion to Charlie Manson and became a born-again Christian in 1975. She has since then earned a college degree and penned an authobiography “Child of Satan,Child of God” in 1977. Despite her persistently model behavior and christian character she has been denied parole consistently and remains incarcerated at the California Institue for Women. Her ministry has a website “the Dove’s Nest” which features opportunities for prison correspondence with Susan.


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Sexy Sadie