Stacey Q

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In 1986, Stacey (who previously was part of a new wave group named SSQ), had a Top 5 synth-pop hit with Two of Hearts.
A two-episode stint on The Facts of Life followed, with numerous appearances on talk shows.

Where are they now?

Her second attempt at a hit, We Connect failed to connect on the charts. During a visit to Tibet, Swain converted to Buddhism, where she studied at monasteries. Soon after, she recorded a “spirtually minded pop album”: 1997’s Boomerang (it bombed).
Two years later, she made a guest-appearance singing “Two of Hearts” in a gay porno and has gained a following in both the gay and Buddhist communities.

# Preview Product Price
1 Better Than Heaven Better Than Heaven $16.96
2 Two of Hearts Two of Hearts $1.29

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  1. Karaoke Machine says:

    Where Was I.Ten Years Old When This Phenom Disco.The Sweet Voice And Killer Beats,Crushes Any Records I Owned.I Rather Listen To Stacy Q Then Today’s Crap.Wow,56 And Still Grooving!Sometime Oldies Kick the Young Birds.Who Were The Other Members In The Group?Play Two Of Hearts For Valentine Day.

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