Stacy Lattisaw

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During the late 1970s and 1980s, Lattisaw had a string of R&B and pop hits, including “Jump to the Beat”, “Let Me Be Your Angel”, “Miracles”, and “Love On a Two Way Street”. She had back-to-back hit albums from 1981 to 1986, produced by Narada Michael Walden. But by 1987, after signing to Motown, her audience had all but disappeared.

Where are they now?

In the early 1990s, Lattisaw decided to take a break from the music industry to raise a family. But on her official website, a piece of information states that Lattisaw and her husband are currently lending out their Maryland-based recording studio, Night Flight to artists including Gladys Knight, Lil’ Jon, Ginuwine, and the late Gerald Levert. Lattisaw also is working on a gospel album.

4 responses to “Stacy Lattisaw”

  1. Stacey latterisaw says:

    You have been missed your angel voice made a many sad day better so how many children do you have and how many are boys and girls better yet your grown children now and do anyone have your gift come back

  2. I always loved you Stacy,every since I was 9 years says:

    I always loved you Stacy,every since I was 9 years old.I had the pleasure of meeting you several times and also your brother Jerry when you all lived in Oxon Hill Maryland .Stay Bless

  3. Kevin Burton says:

    Stacey, Just wanted to let you know your song “let me be your angel” was my favorite memory song of the 80’s and I think was probably on of the first 45s I purchased. My first feelings of love are so precious to me and I am always reminded of those days when I hear your crisp energetic and full of emotion angelic voice. God Bless you and I cant wait to hear your new music especially if its in the name of the Father,the Son,and the Holy Spirit. Love from the little white boy from the other side of the tracks. L-town Lorain,Oh – Gods Speed

  4. Brian Wright says:

    Thank you for your joyful noise unto the creator. you made my teenage years worth living. Let Me Be your angel…was my favourite ballad….and of course….Attack of the name game was just so cool….Feel my love and jump to the beat….classic stuff….thankyou and go d bless you and your family…Keep doing it.

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