Starland Vocal Band

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Singer-songwriter Bill Danoff together with wife Kathy Nivert teamed with singers Margo Chapman and husband Jon Carrollto form a folksy-rock quartet. With the catchy name “Starland Vocal Band” they became a household word in 1976 with their international hit song Afternoon Delight.

Where are they now?

Despite 4 albums and a their own summertime variey series Starland Vocal Band did not have another hit record. The couples all eventually divorced and disbanded the group by the early 1980s. They reunited in 1998 for a John Denver memorial concert.


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  1. Biff Brickfyst says:

    Another of the great acts to come out of Star land, only to end up Afghan warlords in Gitmo. Same old story. I warned him… get that Turban off, I said, but no, he just had to run around in it and very little else screaming Allah Akbar when they blocked his access to the Poppy fields. Now your for it, I said. There’ll be some sky rockets in flight NOW right up the Shaw shank inmates commodities pocket. Coming down the runway now in a cute little Bush Bash Orange Gitmo suit number, with attachable high voltage cords, savage dog and stress posture accessories. I bet your sorry you went outside and did absolutely nothing now ! The have to use Gitmo as there no more room left on the mainland. For the land of the free we got an awful lot of Prisons and incarcerated free people; even exporting the buildings over seas and looking for more to arrest there too. Good work, arrest some sense into them and teach them what freedom is all about.

  2. Hmmm says:

    I hear Margot Chapman lives with her tribe members in Oregon.

  3. Robert says:

    All I wanted too know was band members still alive not all this fake jazz news An ect.Mark Zuckenberg right about so so much fake news out there I don’t no what’s right or wrong any more.!.!.

  4. EightTrackMind says:

    I guess the old chestnut (emphasis on ‘nut’… and I guess ‘chest’ too) is that the song is about an afternoon *** session. I wonder if there has ever been an interview with the artists confirming or denying it?

  5. Vickie neve says:

    I turned 13 the same year that this song came out. I still have the 45 to afternoon delight. Though the 70’s weren’t perfect it was still a good time to be a kid/teenager. Back then life was not as complicated. It was a different time unlike today. I wish the band all the best.

  6. Harvey berger says:

    Hi bill I was your mom’s next door neighbor on crystal ave in spfld mass in the seventies and eighties and went to your 1976 civic center concert and party afterwards I have been following your son Owen on the voice great job I have been wondering what you have been doing all these years I have been living in Orange city fla for many years it would be nice to hear from you call me if you would some time 13868374157 thanks

  7. Faye Graham says:

    I hate that song to this day, because they played it over and over!!!!

  8. Piperh Pierson says:

    Bill Danoff&taffy Nivert originally wrote “Country Roads”for Johnny Cash with a whole different verse,John Denver heard it one night after a car accident and so on.Taffy Niverts name is Mary Catherine Nivert,Bill&Taffy recorded 2 albums under the name Fat City,which “Welcome To Fat City in 1972 has the original version of “I Guess He’d Rather Be In Colorado”which was in fact written for former The Journeymen member and their producer of their first album “Reincarnation”1969,Dick Weissman and not about John Denver.Bill&Taffy also released 2 albums under their own names Bill&Taffy called “Pass It On”&”Aces”in 1973&1974,SVB recorded 4 albums for RCA and 1 album for Breaker Records in 1979 a total of 5 albums,single releases were Afternoon Delight,California Day,Hail Hail Rock and Roll,Liberated Woman,The Light Of My Life,Late Nite Radio,Friends With You,Love,I THought I Would Never Find Love LoveStuff&Loving You With My Eyes,today their music spanning from 1969 till now(2014)and will continue into 2015 as well as all 6 episodes of their tv show can be heard/seen on their youtube channel and on their Facebook group called Starland Vocal Band(Past,Present and Future)..hope to see you there

  9. YoungerThan ThatNow says:

    Bill and Taffy (not ‘Kathy’ as the bio states) Danoff were the main writers of John Denver’s ‘Take Me Home Country Roads’. He came in towards the end to help finish it up and it was a mega hit for him. John also took the *SVB* out on tour with him after their album came out and ‘Afternoon Delight’ took off. It was the #1 song in America on July 4th, 1976, and I believe won a Grammy that next year as well

  10. Monk says:

    That’s funny, Rummy, since he’s been touring as a solo artist for the past 20 years all over the US. I’ll bet his kids don’t remember him being in either Afghanistan or Gitmo.

    If you’re going to post stuff, make sure you didn’t hear if from your brothers best friends uncles ex roomate.

  11. Rummy says:

    John Carrol of Starland Vocal Band Fame was found in late 2002 in Afghanistan and is currently being held in Guantanamo Bay Cuba as an enemy combatant. Ideally he will be freed when President Obama closes the prison later this year.

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