Steve Perry

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Steve Perry, the frontman for the rock group Journey, who lasted for 14 years and whose breakthrough album Escape yielded 3 top 10 singles and sold nine million copies.

Where are they now?

Dropped off the face of the earth. After a 10 year hiatus, Steve Perry and Journey reformed in 1996 and created the album Trial By Fire.

Shortly after the album was finished, Perry was hiking in Hawaii in training for the upcoming tour. During this hike, he injured his hip. In summary, the tour never happened. Many inside the band’s circle disagree on whether or not Perry’s injury was actually true however it is just about universally agreed that Perry changed his mind after the reunion started and did not want to tour. Many reasons have been stated but the most prominent being his voice has changed too much from his younger days and he can no longer sing the high octaves he used to. Whether or not the injury was real or made up, most believe he used the hip injury as an excuse to indefinitely postpone the tour.

Perry stated his physicians were recommending a hip replacement and he was unsure what to do so he did nothing. The other band members waited two years (until 1998) for Perry to make a decision. They ultimately got tired of waiting for Perry and reformed the band without him.

Since then, Perry has pretty much dropped off the face of the earth. He enjoys his privacy and goes to great lengths to sustain it. Now and then a snippet may appear from a credible source saying Perry will be back, most believe he never will.

June 2004: Journey is back touring but without Perry. He has been replaced by vocalist Steve Augeri

August 2004: This is belated, but a few people have pointed out that Perry worked on the music soundtrack for the Charlize Theron smash Monster. Theron and filmaker Patty Jenkins mailed Perry asking his permission to use the song Don’t Stop Believing, he ended up meeting them and assisted in re-mixing the soundtrack. (Thanks to Jay for the details).

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22 responses to “Steve Perry”

  1. Davida says:

    To those who are not aware…Steve Perry NOW has a new album out called TRACES (10/5/18). He has successfully reinvented himself as a solo artist, with ALL social media and website platforms. His album went to #6 on the Billboard Top 100 and #3 on the AC charts. For more information: where you can also find the P.O. Box for Fan Mail and a merchandise store filled with vinyl albums, keychains, mugs, candles and more. VERY high quality items.

  2. More Cowbelle says:

    In an interview with Playboy set to hit newsstands tomorrow, comedian Sarah Silverman responds to questions about her provocative brand of humor by telling a story about how “the onetime lead singer of a very popular band from the 1980s” came up to her after a show and said, “You’re my favorite comedian. You have the best ****** jokes.” Silverman didn’t outright name Journey’s Steve Perry, but she added, “I’ll just say this: After that, I stopped believin’,” a poke at the band’s classic “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

  3. Diane says:

    I am looking forward to hearing Steve’s new LP. I miss him. I am sure his voice has changed over time and gotten deeper (and vibrato wider), but that’s ok. I simply miss him, and am anxious to hear the new songs he wrote. This new album may be our last chance to hear what Mr. Perry has to say through his music and lyrics, and it may be His last chance to enjoy and share what he was born to do …. and, that is, SING! I love you Steve Perry. You have the best male singing voice in the entire world. There’ll never be another one like you. What a nice, classy guy you are. You’ve always had a good head on you … so use it! Be brave and get that new LP out there. I’ll be the first to buy it. LUV ??Sunny D

  4. Rick Romatowski says:

    I had the honor, and joy, of seeing Steve Perry and Journey in Chicago, back in the 70’s. I’ve them twice. I’ve see a lot of the top bands over the years. Steve Perry is the best lead vocalist in rock history. No one is even close. I get chills just thinking about those concerts.

  5. Amber says:

    I love Steve parry what ever happend to journey and I love his
    Voice I wish ?? they were a band again ?? I ?? Steve parry

  6. Karen says:

    I loved Steve’s voice so much back in the day that I could feel a physical, above-the-waist, reaction to his singing. The sound inspired such pure happiness that it felt as if my body could not contain it. Nobody hate me for saying so, please, but he wore it out with the non-stop touring. I am just glad that he knows enough not to embarrass himself by trying to recapture the glory days, and that he did not squander his money, as did his band mates, thereby allowing him to retire in comfort and peace. We can always listen to the old music and watch him on U-tube.

  7. Bob says:

    Just saw him leading a cheer for the sf giants vs the cardinals in nlcs.

  8. Wayn-o says:

    Heard a interview with Eric Clapton . They asked him who he thought was the best vocalist . He said there were a lot of them but with out a doubt Steve perry is the bet he ever heard and without a doubt he is

  9. Thomas says:

    Come on guys shake it off Steve is Toast

  10. ggr72 says:

    the planet loves Steve Perry come back we need you time to start kicking it!!

  11. jim hansen says:

    come back Steve the music world needs you and your song writing

  12. pbaker says:

    Hey Steve if your out there, DO WHAT YOU WANT. YOU GAVE US ALOT OF GREAT MEMORIES. Thank You very much!!!!!

  13. tyree yea says:

    please come back i just want to here those great song i dont want to here it from someone else please

  14. Janice says:

    Arnel Pineda is young man that the band Journey found on line searching for a replacement singer. It is a fantastic story. You should look the video up and watch.

  15. luisa says:

    I will forever and always be a Steve Perry fan. He has the most beautiful voice been in love with this man since i can remember. I have his music on my phone, i put on my earphones and listen to him every night before bed.

  16. Deborah says:

    Why is it that when Neal or any other member of Journey says something, everyone believes them, but when Steve says something, it must be a lie? Steve had a bad hip and the group didn’t want to wait for him so they went on their own. They were already looking for replacements for him before he was able to make a decision about his health. He said that he left for that reason and for anyone to say that he would make that up to not have to tour anymore is crazy. The man loves it, has a passion for it. He will be back, mark my words, better than ever..

  17. myrnaloy says:

    Steve Augeri? I’m watching Journey on Oprah & the lead singer is a young man named Arnel Pineda.

  18. steves number one says:

    steve perry didn’t make up his injury. He was diagnosed with a degenerative bone condition and had surgury in 1998. I’ve never heard of him making that up, and Im pretty sure he wouldnt get surgury just to stop singing.

  19. unknown says:

    Steve is currently the lead singer in a band called The Storm..They played at the National Powerboat races in Kankakee, Illinois over the labor day weekend and his voice is still as amazing as it was way back when…holding all those fantastic notes and making the women drool.

  20. Dbus71 says:

    It is released now.

  21. ronbo says:

    I am and will always be the biggest Steve Perry fan. He had the best and most unique voice I have ever heard; for the group to hire all the sound alike vocals prove that they believe the same. I wish they would all just grow up; throw aside their stupid problems and get on with the music; THAT above ALL else is the most important aspect and the fans deserve that. Can you imagine what a great and better concert turnout would be to see Mr. Perry BACK with the band. I will NEVER attend a concert without Steve as lead vocals of Journey and I went to 7 straight tours in their hey day. Get on with it.

    A true fan,
    Ron Butts

  22. Wynstone says:

    It has been a very long time since I saw the interview, but I think it was on VH1. I remember Steve Perry talking about his injury. It shouldn’t have been serious, but he said that it was sustained because he has a degenerative bone disease that makes the bones very brittle. His prognosis at that time was not good. I don’t recall the name of the condition.

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