Sybil Dorsett

Sybil Dorsett

Real Name: Shirley Ardell Mason
A.k.a: Sybil Dorsett
Category: Pop Culture
Submitted by: Bob Sacamano
Posted Date: 2006-06-03
Last Modified: 2019-12-18

“Sybil Dorsett”became synonomous with multiple personality during the 1970s after the bestselling novel and TV movie about a woman with 16 personalities. Actually based apon the reports of 11 years of psychoanalysis of a woman named Shirley Ardell Mason. Mason was a long-term patient of Dr.Cornelia Wilbur who supplied author Flora Rheta Schreiber with historical and scientific data for the basis of the “Sybil” character

What happened to: Sybil Dorsett

Mason taught Art in New York City and later moved to Kentucky where she taught at University of Kentucky. She continued her relationship with Dr.Wilbur. Living next-door and maintaining daily contact. Mason never married nor had children. She died in 1988 and maintained her (secret) identity as “Sybil” until the end.


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Sybil Dorsett