Syd Barrett

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Like a supernova, Roger “Syd” Barrett burned briefly and brightly, leaving an indelible mark upon psychedelic and progressive rock as the founder and original singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist of Pink Floyd.
Barrett was responsible for most of their brilliant first album, 1967’s The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

Where are they now?

He left the band after one record, too erratic from drugs or mental illness to keep up with its growing fame, the Floyd lost the bright wit of his songwriting and started its slide to light-show-dominated arena-rock.
Barrett cut a couple albums as a solo artist before giving up music and retreating from the world.

2004. He lives in Cambridge, UK.

Update July 11/2006: A spokesperson for Pink Floyd reports that Syd Barrett has died from unspecified causes.

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  1. Nanker says:

    Syd Barrett, the first Pink Floyd

    Founder of Pink Floyd, Roger Keith .Syd. Barrett was already a legend when
    he died in 2006. His career was as short as brilliant. Painter, musician,
    writer, poet, the talented young man composed most of the first album of the
    band at only twenty. The piper at the gates of dawn is a true sound
    revolution: the English psychedelic rock is born and Syd Barrett dedicated
    to a great future.

    However, his instability and fragility put an end to his adventure with Pink
    Floyd since he was expelled from the band. With numerous anecdotes extremely
    well-informed, Syd Barrett the first Pink Floyd relates the life of this
    unusual artist revisiting the history of his songs.

    Not only is this book an almost exhaustive biography of Syd Barrett but also
    an unpublished analysis of this unusual artist.s work that has already
    turned cult.

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