Ted Cassidy

Ted Cassidy

Real Name: Ted Cassidy
Category: SitCom Stars
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Posted Date: 2013-08-16
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Ted Cassidy grew up in West Virginia. He excelled in basketball which wasn’t surprising since he grew to be 6’9′. He attended Stetson University, after graduation he married and moved to Dallas, TX. Cassidy worked as a radio news reporter. In 1964 he became the Frankenstein look alike butler Lurch on, ‘The Addams Family’.

What happened to:

After the series ended Cassidy continued to act usually as the villian in a number of roles. Ted Cassidy died in Los Angeles, California on January 16, 1979, from complications after open-heart surgery. He is survived by two children and his long-time girlfriend, having divorced his first wife, in 1976.


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Ted Cassidy