The Alice Cooper Group

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Along with a minister’s son named Vincent Furnier they formed a band called The Nazz in Phoenix Arizona in the early 1960’s (not to be confused with Todd Rundgren’s band of the same name).

In 1968 Furnier changed his name to Alice Cooper after a 17th century witch by that name, and set out with the intent to “drive a stake through the heart of the love generation”. The rest, as they say, is history…

Where are they now?

Alice Cooper is very much still in business today and needs no “where are they now?” file. The rest of the band does: •Michael Bruce: still a songwriter and not happy about the past. Author of the tell-all book No More Mr Nice Guy: The Inside Story of the Alice Cooper Group
•Neal Smith: became a real estate agent
•Glen Buxton: lived in Iowa and suffered poor health until his death in 1997
•Dennis Dunaway: operates a craft shop in Conneticut with his wife.
Reader Gail Worley tells us that Neal and Dunaway also still play together in Bouchard Dunaway and Smith with ex-Blue Oyster Cult bassist Joe Bouchard (who is on guitar and vocals in this outfit)


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  1. Why did the Chicken cross the road? says:

    Why did the Chicken cross the road? He didn’t want Alice to bite his head off on stage. Alice Cooper holds the Guinness book of records for biting chicken’s heads off, and Frank Zappa holds the record for eating poo. Frank’s obligatory poo eating finale was once aided by Alice who dumped a big steaming finale for him, with extra Corn.

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