The Bay City Rollers

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Scottish bubblegum boy band from the 1970s who dominated the UK charts and briefly had an impact in the US from 1975-1977 cracking the Top 20 three times including their #1 hit Saturday Night.
By 1981, the group had dissolved.

Where are they now?

The Rollers reunited several times during the 1980s and 1990s, most notably during a 1999 New Year’s concert.
A 2004 Greatest Hits album went to #11 on the UK charts. 2003 brought charges from members Les McKeown and Pat McGlynn that a manager raped them (the manager was later cleared).

In 2005, McKeown and McGlynn were arrested on drug charges and later acquitted.

In March 2007, six former members of the group sued Arista Records for “tens of millions of dollars” of unpaid royalties.

Les McKeown still tours with a new version of the Rollers.

2 responses to “The Bay City Rollers”

  1. sharonwheeler says:

    I really loved your music I miss the Bay City Rollers

  2. tecton47 says:

    As a former stagehand who has worked with a number of these “comeback” acts I’m familiar with the approach. You keep one or two guys/gals from the original line-up and fill the rest with studio musicians you know and hit the road. I usually referred to these as “The Mortgage is Still Due” tours.

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