The Buckinghams

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For a group of teen-aged guys from Chicago’s North side, The Buckinghams formed a rock band mainly to meet girls.
Carl Giammarese, Nick Fortuna, Dennis Tufano, Jon Paulos and Dennis Miccoli started out playing dances and clubs when they were approached by Chicago’s WGN-TV to appear for 13 weeks on the stations “All Time Hits” show during the summer of 1966.

The group attracted an incredible following and a record deal .

By early 1967, The Buckinghams had the #1 song in America…”Kind Of A Drag”! The group had an impressive string of hits in 1967 and 1968 including “Susan”, “Don’t You Care”, Hey Baby (They’re Playing Our Song) and “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.”

Where are they now?

Original founding members Carl Giammarese and Nick Fortuna now lead the revamped group into the new century! In October, The Buckinghams sang the national anthem on national television from Comiskey Park in Chicago before game one of the American League playoffs .
One morning last spring Carl Giammarese co-hosted a weather segment with “Good Morning America’s” Spencer Christian on ABC-TV.

The Buckinghams are in demand with a busy schedule that includes appearances this spring at Disney World’s Epcot Center! The groups latest CD is called “Terra Firma” which includes an accapella version of “Kind Of A Drag”!


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  1. steve says:

    i love the buckinghams and did not know they were
    still around and alot of old groups that are still are

  2. Ron Ginsberg says:

    Why did Dennis Miccolis removed from the Buckinghams. There was no reason for that.

  3. I just wat0hed them on you tube-very good looking says:

    I just wat0hed them on you tube-very good looking back then.

  4. ED WAKEHAM says:

    IN THE SUMMER OF 1967 THEY PLAYED AT THE HANCOCK HIGH SCHOOL IN HANCOCK MICHIGAN IT COSTED $5,00.tho i did not have the money so i listened too them in the parking lot of the school ED WAKEHAM

  5. Saw them every week-end at the Holiday Ballroom at says:

    Saw them every week-end at the Holiday Ballroom at Milwaukee and Lawrence in Chicago, fun times.

  6. Was there ever a drummer named Paul with the band says:

    Was there ever a drummer named Paul with the band?

  7. Loved the Buckinghams in the 60's and followed the says:

    Loved the Buckinghams in the 60’s and followed them at festivals. Used to see them at the Holiday Ballroom on Milwaukee Ave. We used to go for pizza afterwards with them. Good times and a great band with a great sound.

  8. Was there a singer in the Buckinghams named Gary A says:

    Was there a singer named Gary Allen in The Buckinghams ?

  9. Dennis Miccolis says:

    I am the original keyboardist, and have a band touring as Dennis Miccolis Founding Member of the Buckinghams. My web site is:

  10. airwest says:

    Pop rock band, The Buckinghams, will travel to Washington, DC, as the evening.s feature entertainment for their second Presidential gala. Patrons of the sold-out 2009 Bipartisan Agriculture Inaugural Ball will dance to classic rock sounds performed by the million-selling recording artists, who began their career in Chicago in the 1960s.

  11. Cindy says:

    Dennis is back singing. Visit his webpage for details.

  12. Fitz says:

    Hello, what a nice web site and great page for The Buckinghams. Wondered if you’d accept a few updates and corrections to the info presently on your page. Didn’t want to jam your in-box but in your first paragraph there are clarifications on spelling, e.g., John Poulos and Dennis Miccolis in line 2 of the first paragraph.

    In the second paragraph, from the Buckinghams’ official web site (, the group has released several CDs since the 1998 Terra Firma one, and if you would consider revising the sentence to read:
    In 2007, The Buckinghams signed with Fuel Records of California for national distribution of their music. In 2008, two new CDs were released on Fuel: “Standing Room Only” (a live performance album) and “Reaching Back,” a studio CD that features recordings of 5 of their biggest hits as well as 8 new songs written by Carl Giammarese in that same 60s horn rock tradition, as a tribute to the fans who’ve been with them for over 40 years. The Buckinghams continue to tour in the US and internationally. Since 1986, the group has remained continuously as original members Carl Giammarese (lead vocals, guitar) and Nick Fortuna (bass, vocals), and Tom Scheckel (drums), Bob Abrams (guitar, vocals), and Bruce Soboroff (keyboards, vocals). Three horn players often perform with the group in concert.

    These facts can be confirmed from their web site, and Carl Giammarese would appreciate your consideration in including these updates to your excellent web site. Many thanks. I can be reached at

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