The Jamaican Bobsled Team

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In the 1988 Calgary winter olympics a country who had never seen a snowfall sent a bobsled team. They did terribly, they crashed, but they were a media sensation, a merchandising wet-dream (I had a Jamaican Bobsled Team sweater myself) and eventually the subject of the Disney Film “Cool Runnings”.

Where are they now?

The last members of the original team retired by 1999, and original team member Chris Stokes was elected president of the Jamaica Bobsled Federation. Jamaica has a thriving bobsled scene to this day, now fielding teams in both the men’s and women’s competitions. In 1992 the two man teams placed 34th and 35th and the four man team placed 24th.
In Lillehammer in 1994 they stunned the world when the four man team placed 14th, beating the US, the Russians, the French and one of the Italian teams.

The Holy Grail in Jamaican bobsledding, an olympic medal, has yet to be attained.


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