The Knack

The Knack

Real Name: Doug Fieger, Berton Averre, Prescott Niles & Bruce Gary
A.k.a: The Knack
Category: One Hit Wonders
Submitted by: Bob Sacamano
Posted Date: 2001-06-25
Last Modified: 2020-01-11

My Sharona hit number 1 on August 25th, 1979 and stayed there for 6 weeks. I was in grade 6 going into grade 7 and listened to this song whilst enduring my first crush on a girl in my class named Anita Bosshart. She danced with me to this song at a school dance the day before she moved to Switzerland.
Since then I’ve bounced the idea of covering this song off of every single band I have ever been in and they all refused until my current band – The Parkdale Hookers, took me up on it and let me tell you: the song goes over HUGE in every single club we play it in. Why? because the damn thing rocks thats why.

Probably one of the greatest guitar solos ever recorded.

What happened to: The Knack

As of Y2K the band is together and actively touring the USA.
Bassist Prescott Niles teaches music (piano, guitar & bass) and contributed to the Miami Vice soundtrack with ex-Sex Pistol Steve Jones

Drummer Bruce Gary has a thorough production career, with credits including Sheryl Crowe and Jimi Hendrix.

Update September 2006: Reader Ted updates us with the following “August [2006] was a bad month for The Knack.

Doug Fieger, the singer, just underwent surgery to remove two brain tumors. He is expected to make a full recovery. Bruce Gary, the drummer died.”

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The Knack