The Redrum Kid from the good Shining

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Danny Lloyd was just a little kid with amazing powers of concentrations when he was plucked from obscurity to defeat the evil Jack Nicholson in Kubrick’s version of The Shining. Since he was so young, he wasn’t even told he was making a horror film. His performance was so memorable that he was almost guaranteed a long career.

Where are they now?

However, after making just one more movie, Lloyd disappeared from the screen forever. Apparently, some child actors do have parents who don’t force them to keep bringing in the dough and Danny’s parents actually listened when he told them he wasn’t interested in an acting career.
One might well question whether there was a particularly motivational science tutor on the set of The Shining since both Lloyd and Louise Burns—one of the scary girls in the hallway—both went on to careers in science.

Lloyd is reportedly a biology teacher somewhere in the Midwest, while Burns is a microbiologist.

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5 responses to “The Redrum Kid from the good Shining”

  1. Michael Adam says:

    My name is Michael. The Shining has made a tremendous impact on my personal level. I too get to see what others can’t. Thank you for your movie

  2. Lor says:

    I don’t know. I’d think he should be more appreciative that people enjoyed both the movie and his performance. Sounds a little ungrateful

  3. Carol Anne says:

    My friend was a student of his and she said asked him if he was “Danny Torrence” and she said he acted like he didn’t know what she was talking about. Then one day she got some other students to go “REDRUM, REDRUM” when he came in and she got kicked out of his class. So yes he does kick students out of his classes for bringing up “Danny Torrence”. I don’t really blame him because if I stopped acting I wouldn’t really want people to keep reminding me of the life that I left behind. He was a really good actor though

  4. Danni Stecko says:

    I saw The Shinning and I remember thinking what a great actor Danny was for such a little kid.. So cute too… I bet he grew up to be a really good looking man …….

  5. WonderingWhy? says:

    “Dan” Lloyd, as he now prefers, is a professor of biology at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.
    He has been teaching there for a few years now, yet no one seems to know his previous role in such a classic horror film. It is rumored that he kicked a student out of his class for asking him if he was “the kid from the Shining.”

    Obviously he doesn’t like people to know his past. As one of his students, on several occasions I was tempted to take a red marker to the board before he got to class. A tough professor, I wouldn’t say he’s the best, but still fair.

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