The Ventures

The Ventures

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A.k.a: The Ventures
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Posted Date: 2005-02-16
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Premier instrumental rock group, soared to the top with hits like Walk Don’t Run, Pipeline, and Slaughter on Tenth Avenue in the 1960s.
Members were Don Wilson, Bob Bogle, Nokie Edwards, and Mel Taylor.

What happened to: The Ventures

Still touring, The Ventures celebrated their 44th year as a group, and have a full schedule in the US and Japan.
Drummer Mel Taylor died in 1996 but was succeeded in the band by his son Leon.

Nokie Edwards left the group in 1968 and Gerry McGee took over as lead guitar. Nokie returned in 1972, but left again in 1985 to pursue a solo career.

Now both Nokie and Gerry trade off lead responsibilities as the group continues it reign, though largely unrecognized except by baby-boomers and an extraordinarily popular following in Japan.

Don Wilson and Bob Bogle were the original two members of The Ventures and have been at the core of the group ever since 1959.


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The Ventures