Those Two Scary Girls from The Shining

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Perhaps only Stanley Kubrick could have made the most terrifying scene in all of film history using only three kids and a Big Wheel.

Lisa and Louise Burns were real-life twin sisters who played the unfortunate victims of an earlier psychopathic caretaker of the Overlook Hotel. The bizarre appearance of the young girls and their disturbing British accent stamped them indelibly into the nightmares of countless generations of film goers.

Where are they now?

How do you top one of the all-time great movie debuts in cinematic history? One way is by never making another movie. Neither girl apparently made another film or even appeared onscreen again except in a VH-1 “Where are They Now?” episode devoted to kids who appeared in horror films.
Instead, both girls went the academic route. Lisa has a degree in Literature, while her sister went on to become a microbiologist.

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8 responses to “Those Two Scary Girls from The Shining”

  1. cromisgod says:

    lawjhon, please email me your email address. having trouble tracking you down in London. Spent a bunch to find some type of info, but keep running into walls. PLEASE!!!!

  2. DannyTorrance1980 says:

    Lawjhon!! Please tell me you are real. I have been trying to find contact info for the Grady Twins, forever!! Please email me at

  3. lawjhon says:

    > They can if you wish, both have no problems with signing stuff.

  4. John says:

    i will agree with you. Louise is a twin and was the oldest. Her and her sister were the best cock suckers that ever took on this manly meat stick. made this man’s dream of a threesome a reality, and twin sisters to boot! was a night i won’t forget way back in 1984 when they were all of 16.. tight little asses, perfectly firm tits….Lisa had a tongue that could tickle the deepest part of my ass and make my balls dance, and louise – wow. talk about sucking the chrome off a harley exhaust! they were both more than eager to take the money shot and licked it off each other’s faces, licked me clean, got me hard again, then it was a good 4 hour get to know you fuck….

    what a night

  5. Nick D says:

    > Hi, lawjhon, great response. Does Louise ever provide autographs? Looking for just one for our tv room. Favorite movie and would love to include. And Lisa too

  6. Peter says:

    > I am trying to contact either Lisa or Louise Burns to take part in a convention in North Carolina next year. This could prove lucrative for both of them so if anyone here can help please PLEASE get in touch with me here…

  7. lawjhon says:

    > What a load of rubbish,the eldest twin is Louise by 11min!
    The reason I know because I married the youngest twin back in 1998 and have been happily married ever since, so get your facts right.

  8. photoartguy says:

    And, they aren’t actually twins, but are two years apart in age. Unfortunately, I don’t remember which one is older.

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